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Did you know you can actually train your brain to function more effectively?

Introducing Neurofeedback the future of integrative health and wellness.

Neurofeedback is a form of brain training using a brain feedback system, where brain wave activity is recognised via an EEG, and it is designed to potentially improve overall performance, health, and wellness. If you’re still a little confused, that’s ok – look at it like this. Just like you go to the gym to train your body, you can train your brain using a feedback system. It really is quite amazing how the brain can literally train itself to function more effectively?!

So why train your brain?

The brain is an exceptionally strong and resilient organ, and more than capable of functioning at its own optimal levels. But internal and external stressors can directly affect our central nervous system, which in turn can have a negative impact on your brain’s ability to function at these optimal levels. When this happens, your brain can get stuck in a kind of ‘survival mode’ loop. Essentially, this means that it is functioning in a state of fight or flight, sticking to habits you have already formed. So whilst your brain is functioning efficiently and able to survive, it’s not functioning optimally, allowing you to really thrive. This is where Neurofeedback comes in! If you want to achieve better clarity of thought, create a sense of calm, improve mental functionality and enhance your overall mood, then this is for you.

What is NeurOptimal®

NeurOptimal® is advanced neurotechnology that was developed by the Zengar Institute 20 years ago, and it is one of the most effective, affordable and fully automated neurofeedback systems on the market! (you can learn more about this on the comparison chart below!). With over 4 million hours of use worldwide, it is now considered by many to be the most highly evolved neurofeedback system on the market today. NeurOptimal® is a time-tested, safe and effective brain training system, and it’s safe to use for all ages!
To learn more about the science behind NeurOptimal®?

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Introductory Session

$ 110
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NeurOptimal® Introductory

$ 110
  • 50 minute session

Neurofeedback Session

$ 95
  • PAYG Casual Rate

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Session

$ 95
  • PAYG Casual Rate

DIY Multi Pack

$ 375
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DIY Multi Pack

$ 375
  • 5 studio sessions
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Non-Linear Dynamical

  • NDIS clients please get in touch to discuss your needs

Non-Linear Dynamical Neurofeedback®

  • NDIS clients please get in touch to discuss your needs

NeurOptimal® sessions

available at The Neuro Lounge

available at
The Neuro Lounge

88 McIvor Hwy, Bendigo VIC 3550
(At the roundabout – Cnr Murphy St)

The Health Collective Brunswick
Level 1, 5/200 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Sessions available in Bendigo

Sessions available in Brunswick

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How would you know if your is brain functioning at its best?

Signs of a Disorganised Brain:
  • Random or scattered thoughts
  • Poor memory and retrieval
  • Poor task performance
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Feeling low or sad
  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • Feeling “off”
  • Feeling less than confident
  • Anxious and overactive
  • Waking exhausted
  • Repetitive unhelpful habits
  • Perception of life is negative
  • Many more bad days than good days
  • Diminished capacity for learning
Signs of an Organised Brain:
  • Restored resilience
  • Restored flexibility
  • Clear minded
  • Maintains self control
  • Healthy sleep habits
  • More fluid learning and focus
  • Makes better decisions
  • Heightened creativity
  • Happier overall
  • Less reactive and more proactive
  • Handles stress better
  • Negative talk drops away
  • Orients towards a healthier lifestyle

Who uses the NeurOptimal® system?

NeurOptimal® is a great tool to have as part of a complete wellness program as it’s designed to promote a flexible- and- resilient mindset; where you don’t have to change your life – You just have to manage your stress more effectively and your life will change as a result.

Absolutely anyone can benefit from neurofeedback training, just like anyone can benefit from training at the gym.

No matter where your lifestyle takes you – from athletes to executives, to students, musicians, artists and performers, no matter the age – an optimal mindset helps you be at your best.

Neurofeedback training can help support optimal brain function to achieve a healthier mindset and reach peak performance.

Neurofeedback training has also been reported to support optimal brain function and resilience during difficult times of emotional and/or physical stress. Neurofeedback training sessions can be beneficial for anyone who feels they are not functioning at their best, including many people of all ages and abilities, some with severe impairments from early onset Dementia, Stroke, Acquired brain injuries, various learning disabilities, Autism, ADHD and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Neurofeedback supports empowerment for those who want a drug-free approach to improving their overall wellbeing and quality of life.

What's the difference in Neurofeedback systems?

View the comparison chart below to see the Non-Linear Neurofeedback (NeurOptimal®) verses Linear Neurofeedback approach to decide what's best for your needs.
NeurOptimal® (Non-Linear)Linear NeurofeedbackWhy “YES” to NeurOptimal®​
No diagnosis necessary; all brains can benefit in spite of any diagnosis.​Expertise required throughout the intervention- can be expensive​Your brain is in charge with NeurOptimal®​
Training, not treatment, no protocols​Use of treatment protocols​Anybody at any age can train with NeurOptimal® and see benefits​
No diagnoses required​Requires diagnoses​NeurOptimal® is interested is overall improvement with a focus on resilience and flexibility​
Does not tell the brain what to do​Pushes and pulls brain instructing the brain what to do​NeurOptimal® is 100% non-invasive and dynamically responds to each individual​
Offers feedback on 20 different targets at the same time​Works with limited frequency bands – can cause side effects​With NeurOptimal® 20 targets naturally balance each other. Positive effects seen in many areas of life.​
Line noise is filtered out completely​Requires careful hook up and extensive monitoring to ensure clean signal​With NeurOptimal® hook up is easy and you can be confident in receiving excellent training
No monitoring required. AutoNavigation takes care of everything​Careful monitoring and changing of parameters is required​Effortless Sessions with NeurOptimal®​
Training occurs outside of conscious awareness​Requires conscious effort and interaction​Sessions with NeurOptimal® are enjoyable and require no effort​

Further information on Neurofeedback and NeurOptimal®...

Dynamical Neurofeedback® is a technology developed by Zengar Institute and used in its NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training systems. NeurOptimal® is a training tool and does not diagnose, treat, mitigate prevent or cure any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state, nor does it restore, modify or correct the body’s structure or functioning. If you require medical assistance, please seek the advice of your physician.

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