Hello & welcome to our NeurOptimal® Rental System Guide.

I look forward to supporting you through the process and hearing about the difference using NeurOptimal® makes in your life.

In this instructional guide you will find all you need to know about using the NeurOptimal® Rental system as well as some additional information to make sure you get the most out of your training time.

A good place to start is to understand how NeurOptimal® works and its benefits is by clicking on this short explainer video. 

Our goal is to put you at ease using the NeurOptimal® system and we pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service, so if you have any questions or need tech support please reach out immediately via email info@theneurolounge.com.au or call me direct on 0411 375 378.

Here's What You Need To Know Before You Start.

  • Neurofeedback is 100% non-invasive. The system does not put anything into your brain, nor does it take anything out. It is simply mirroring your brain to itself to support your brain to come back to the present moment. It cannot create side effects.
  • NeurOptimal® is training and not treatment. It is not used for treatment of disorders. We cannot predict the outcomes of training. We provide you with tools to support you to notice differences in your life as a result of training.
  • Don’t stress about sensor placement. What we say is “close enough is good enough”. Follow the instructional video in this e-book. If the sensors come off during a session accidently (unlikely), just place them back on and let the session continue.
  • You don’t need to be looking at the screen during a session. Because NeurOptimal® works outside of conscious awareness there is no need to focus on the screen or sound. That means whilst training you could be sleeping, reading a book, playing a game on your phone (no sound on phone) or just simply relaxing. It’s up to you!
  • A NeurOptimal® session time is 33 mins. Therefore, training with NeurOptimal® should be a breeze and easy to incorporate into your daily life. Just allow a few extra minutes for applying and removing the sensors, and of course clean up at the end.
  • Everyone can benefit from NeurOptimal® sessions. You may have rented this machine for someone in particular or yourself. The great thing about NeurOptimal® is it’s for everyone, so make the most of it!
  • You decide what you need. You know yourself better than anyone which means you are the only one who can determine how frequently to train. Some train once per day or even more, and others spread the training over the week. More does not necessarily equate to better, but with regular training, your brain learns to be more present and will self-optimize.
  • How will you know if the system is working? You will hear the music along with ‘scratches’ or ‘interruptions’ in the music after you double click on AAA Renter in the Vault. In terms of your own changes, we provide tracking tools to support you to notice the benefits in your life.

How will you track your progress?

Here are 4 keys tools we use to support you to track your changes. We encourage you to download and complete the following forms.

1. Goal tracker

Before you start training with NeurOptimal®, it is important to set yourself some goals. Some examples could be: improved focus, healthier sleep patterns, calmer, able to let things go, more confident and so on. Just note down anything you would like to see different in your day to day life.


2. The One Hundred checklist

Please check off any item that represents how you are feeling so you can track brain perception following your use of NeurOptimal®

If you are unsure, use the past week as your guide. It’s fine to add comments if you wish.

Please note that NeurOptimal® does not diagnose, treat, mitigate or cure any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state.

This checklist is provided for tracking and reference purposes only.


3. Tracking your shifts.

Based on the concerns that you have identified, use this Tracking Your Shifts form to help you notice the changes. For example, you may have identified fatigue as an issue. So on the first column you would place ‘fatigue’ under Concern 1, then under Duration you would identify how long fatigue usually lasts.

Under Intensity you would note the level of fatigue between 1-10 and then how often it occurs (Frequency).

Reviewing this every 5 to 10 sessions is a great way to track your progress.

Observing your Pre and Post sessions baselines.

These forms (adult and children’s forms) are a way to check in with yourself about how you are feeling right before a session and straight after a session.

These are also good to look back on. Remember to write about what you have noticed has been different since your last session.

Pre & Post session checklists for Adult’s.

Pre & Post Session Checklists for Children. 

Equipment Checklist

What you will find once opening your rental system case.

  1. Computer – This is your Rental System. It will not have a password, and the NeurOptimal® software will already be loaded onto it and pinned to the taskbar which is located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Computer Charger – This is the charger for your rental system. We recommend plugging it in when you first turn the system on to make sure it works and so your system is all charged up and ready for your first session. Always leave the charger plugged in and turned on whilst having a session.
  3. zAmp and Sensors – You should see 5 sensor leads and a lanyard attached to the back of the zAmp (small black, blue and white box). We have placed an additional set of sensors as a backup but please do not use unless directed to.
  4. USB Cable – This is the long cable that attaches the zAmp to the computer. It will have a USB port on each end.
  5. Ten20 Paste – This is the paste that you use to apply the sensors to your scalp. It also assists with electrical conductivity.
  6. Headphone Extension Cord – This is a cord you can use to plug your own headphones into (if you choose to use headphones) so that you don’t need to sit too close to the computer.

Setting up Your System

Step 1. Equipment set up.

Once you have taken the system out of the box, you will notice coloured stickers on each of the components. These stickers indicate where the equipment should be plugged into. It is as simple as matching the colours up.

First of all, please connect the computer to Wi-Fi.

Double click on the NeurOptimal® icon at the bottom of the page. This will open up the program. You are now ready to apply the sensors.

Step 2. Applying the sensors.

Applying the sensors 

Now that your system is ready to go, it is time to put the sensors on. Try not to worry about getting the sensors perfect as the session will run fine. 

Watch this short instructional video of a NeurOptimal® DIY / Self-hook Up. 

This next video demonstrates how to hook-up another person. 

Step 3. Running A Session


Running a session

By now your system should already be open and ready to go. Once your sensors are on, headphones plugged in (if using headphones), and USB plugged into the ZAmp, you are ready for a session.

In the Vault, you will see a name AAA, Renter. To start your session, please DOUBLE CLICK on AAA Renter and the session will start. DO NOT press the play button.

How to Start A Session Quick Guide.

You will find you have one of these Quick start guides added to your rental system pack.

Step 4. Ending a Session

After 33 Minutes, the session will automatically finish. You’ll know because the music will stop.

To take the sensors off, simply remove them and wipe the surface with the moist wipes then dry with tissues. Wipe your ears and scalp with warm water on a baby wipe to remove the paste.

Take the lanyard off, USB out of the zAmp and place them in a securely in your kit box for next time.

Close the program by clicking on the x on the top right of the Vault. To shut down the computer go to the bottom left windows icon and select the power button, then shutdown.

Step 5. Returning the System

  • Pack all of the equipment back into the black case it came in. Refer back to the equipment checklist to ensure that you have packed everything.
  • Take a photo of all the equipment packed into the case and text to 0411375378. 
  • Please use the prepaid postage bag in it with our address on it and seal it securely.
  • Please take a photo of the system in the postage bag ready to be sent with the tracking number on it and text it to us also.
  • Take it to the counter at your local post office (AusPost only).
  • You must make sure you receive a lodgment receipt from the person at the counter at your local AusPost. Please take a photo of that receipt and text it to us also. This will cover you in the event the system is lost by AusPost.
  • When sending it, please give AusPost our number 0411 375 378 so they automatically send us a text saying it is on the way.

If you’d like to take your knowledge deeper.

Download the following pdfs.

The full NeurOptimal® NO3 Manual  

Still hungry to learn more? then register for a FREE pre-recorded Neuroptimal Webinar (Run Time: 77 Minutes), with Lise’ Delong, Director of Education, Ph.D.


Buying Options.

After experiencing many of the benefits of NeurOptimal® training, there are a number of options that you may wish to consider buying your own system.

As a renter you are eligible to receive $200 cash back if you decide to purchase a system within 4 weeks from returning the system. 

Payment plans are available.

Get in touch to find out more about our purchasing & finance options

Certification Training

Secondly, you may be interested in becoming a trainer and provide this service to others in your community. We are more than happy to support in this process and can help you become certified to really understand this amazing system as well being a mentor for running a NeurOptimal® business. 

For certification training dates please get in touch.

If you would like more information about running a NeurOptimal Business. Download the Business ebook here.

NeurOptimal Business Ebook


Finally, you may wish to rent again in the future, so as a valued customer we will prioritise your booking. Refer a friend and save 5% on your next rental term or individual session.

We look forward to keeping in touch.

Kindest regards

Natalie Watson


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